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About Us

The trading company UKR Export & Import was founded with the aim to promote and improve trade relations between Ukrainian and foreign buyers and sellers of various commodities and products.

We work with manufacturing companies, retail chains, private entities and agents all over Ukraine and abroad. Due to the accumulated experience in Ukraine, we know:

  • what commodities and productsare in demand today;
  • at what prices are they interesting for Ukrainian and foreign importers, exporters and consumers of commodities and products;
  • what factors influence the activities of trading companies - importers and exporters;
  • conditions under which trading companies have the opportunity to conduct transactions and to achieve the maximum result;
  • specifics of tax and customs legislation in Ukraine, on which the activities of importers and exporters extensively depend.

 Our vision

       To become the trading company № 1 in Ukraine and maintain the high level for most importers and exporters of commodities and products.

 Our Mission

        Our trading company is committed to provide the necessary productsand services to our domestic and international clients and partners (importers and exporters) in time and at reasonable prices.  

We are proud of our role in trade relations and we do everything in our power to provide services at the highest level and maintain good relations with trading companies involved in export and import operations with Ukraine.

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